Wednesday, 29 January 2014

being concerned & technology became a friend!

It is indeed true that people, children, women, of all ages, casts and creeds want safety and security.
Confusion and talks about being safe and secure are to be fixed.

The Delhi Nirbhaya case shook the entire country and a startup called SmartCloud based in Pune came up with an App - Nirbhaya: Be Fearless © for women safety and security.

Concern and the App for their own women employees, were widely appreciated and reached across seven seas.

Having received amazing response and huge coverage.. The Nirbhaya: Be Fearless team went an extra mile and did whole lot of research and then the SOS App was not just an SOS App anymore.
The Nirbhaya: Be Fearless team from Smart cloud launched Nirbhaya 3.0 with advanced Features like Geo Fence and Stamp.

So in Geofence you can mark an area where you spend most of the time as one of your fences and when you exit or enter the fence, the message informs your configured number about your movement.
It was interesting know that a lot of people after using this feature said - We don't call homes anymore to tell that we have left office because they get an automatic sms with this information, location and time.

Stamp is a feature where a user can mark the areas as safe or unsafe. This activity leads to Heatmap generation, through which you can actually see different areas in a particular location with a very effective color usage - of red and green to showcase unsafe and safe areas respectively.

This kind of App gives a sense of security and a feeling that finally technology steps towards being a friend.

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