Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Travel Safe , Have a Safe Trip!

Isn't it what we say when our friends, colleagues, families travel..

In our daily lives, when we travel to office, in cabs, office buses and many such modes.
Considering the work timings are not just 9 to 5 anymore, when we or our loved ones travel through those late hours in the office cabs, we face lots of doubts and worries.

Cab is late, is it coming, is it on its way?
Have I missed it already?
Where is the pick up point for the office bus?
What is my pick up/drop time?
After the night shift, am I the only one in the cab?
Hope I am not dropped last?
 and many such questions....

These questions are not just the worry of families, Individuals, but also the Office Admin, Transport Admin, Managers, Supervisors, etc..

To address this worry of the trip and security, Smart Cloud Infotech has come up with a solution called - SmartCommute.

Keep following the Blog, we will come up with more details.
Till then access this - http://nirbhaya.mobi/smartcommute.html

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